ProDiKi Configuration Options


ProDiKi applications get (by default) basic configuration options from the file pdk.cfg, located in (default) /usr/local/prodiki/conf directory.
File syntax is based in variables (case insensitive, even space insensitive) with assigned values, one at a line. Comments and empty lines are allowed.


These are the defined variables (or keywords):
 KeyWord DescriptionDefault
 Path Prodiki base path/usr/local/prodiki
Config PathWhere to find configuration files, relative to Pathconf
Log PathWhere to set log files, relative to Pathlogs
Data PathWhere to find data files, relative to Pathdata
Font PathWhere to find fonts (parent directory), relative to Pathfont
Log QuotaMaximum allowed size for every log file. After that, files are rotated (once)
Debug LevelLog verbosity (the higher, the more verbose)1
Debug FilterLog verbosity (mask: every bit allows one kind of debugging info)not used
Source FileDefault file to play/edit. Overriden by command line option -bstory.xml
Screen WidthDesired screen/window width, in pixels. Overriden by command line option -sw
Screen HeightDesired screen/window height, in pixels. Overriden by command line option -sh
Full ScreenFull screen mode (on/yes to activate)*off
WI ListenIP Address and Port where prodikiwi will listen for http connections
UserUser (name or ID) to run as
GroupGroup (name or ID) to run as
*Be careful with Full Screen mode, as it blocks the terminal, and if you set for loop presentation, the only way to close the application is from another (remote) terminal.
This mode only works if running as a daemon (not using -d command line option).

Example configuration might be something like:

### Sample configuration file for ProDiKi
# Case insensitive (for variables, NOT for values like paths, etc.)
# Keywords may have or not spaces or tabs (e.g. "LogPath" is like "Log path")

# Path to everything (root path)
Path        = /usr/local/prodiki

# Relative path to config files
Config Path = conf

# Relative path to log files
Log Path    = logs

# Relative path to data files
Data Path   = data

# Relative path to font files and/or directories
Font Path   = font

# Max size for log files before they are rotated
Log Quota   = 6M

# Debug Level (to limit/increase logging verbosity)
Debug Level = 5

# Web interface connection config.
# You may specify address, address:port, or only :port
WI Listen   = Logo from