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The Product Display Kiosk project is intended to manage on screen displays for a product line into a shop or kiosk display. Other posible applications may include advertising and/or displaying information on public transportation sites (bus, trains, stations, airports...).
Care is put in design to allow it to work on not very resource intensive devices, such as in embedded systems.



There's a User Manual (500KB aprox) with instructions and examples for installing, configuring and running both applications, that you can download here, or specifically here. It includes some Web screenshots with explanations on how it works, and also a step-by-step introduction on how to create your own storyboard. There's also some screenshots available.
You may also check for the very simple usage pages for prodiki and prodikiwi applications. And there's a (hope useful) basic installation instructions page too.


Since October 20th both Presenter (prodiki) and Web Interface (prodikiwi) are in production (version 1.0), complete and stable. It is posible that some minor fixups happen in the following weeks if some undetected bug arises, just check CVS if in doubt.


You may read some introductory documents at project's doc page. There's also the temporal storyb.txt file which describes the xml format (storyboard dtd is harder to read), and an example storyboard to help to understand its options and structure.
Last, but not least, you can browse source files directly (just click over the version link,for every file you're interested in), if you're brave enough ;-)


Project is at, you can find downloadable sources here. These sources should compile and generate valid code, if they don't, please do not heasitate to make us know through the project bug list (thank you).
Just follow supplied instructions for compilation (found into the package or here).

There's current sources (compilable) at project's CVS, it might be much better than the available distribution packet (usually far much up to date). Please have a look at these very easy CVS instructions on how to retrieve a new or an updated source tree (recommended).
Compilation instructions are on the packet (please see README file) and also here).

Since the first beta package, there's also a demo package available, you may untar it on the base directory (like /usr/local) and will set up a story.xml file, and the necessary images to view it working. You may launch it like prodiki -d -sw 800 -sh 600 -b story.xml, or just prodiki (refer to documentation like this for details). Note that you need luxisr.ttf font installed in order to view any text, if you don't, you may install it or change default font into story.xml to one that suits your system. Remember that the demo only includes what is not distributed with the standard package, so you first need to download, compile and install the source package.
Before proceeding with installation, be sure to have all the third party required packages:

Installing (quick guide)

There's also a basic installation instructions page available.